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Many has the wrong perception that long-term leasing is far more expensive than buying off the show room. That is absolutely incorrect! It depends on the usage and purpose of the vehicle, and of course whether it is driven by a local residing in Singapore or for an EXPAT who will be leaving in a few years.

Leasing VS Buying


Fixed motoring costs

UNKNOWN motoring costs

No Depreciation OR surprise disposal costs

UNKNOWN Depreciation AND surprise disposal costs

Seamless motoring (Replacement vehicle)

NO Replacement vehicle (Servicing and/or Repairs)

NO Road Tax


NO Radio Licence

ANNUAL Radio Licence

NO Insurance Premium

ANNUAL Insurance Premium

PROTECTION against inflation

NO PROTECTION against inflation

PROTECTION against rising insurance premium

NO PROTECTION against rising insurance premium

PROTECTION against maintenances

NO PROTECTION against maintenances

PROTECTION against surprise repairs

NO PROTECTION against surprise repairs

INCLUDES insurance claims (accident or damages)

EXCLUDES insurance claims (accident or damages)

INCLUDES maintenance of vehicle

EXCLUDES maintenance of vehicle

OPPORTUNITY to upgrade


OPPORTUNITY to always drive the latest model

NO OPPORTUNITY to always drive the latest model

Company Expenses

Personal Expenses

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